5 Best Reasons Why Flower Stand Arrangement On Iron Stand is Better Than The Paper Box Stand

De Anthus Florist Highly Recommended Iron Stand For All Standing Type Flower Arrangements

Flower stand arrangements is a most popular floral gift in Malaysia, it ideal for new business grand opening wishes and funeral heartfelt condolences. De Anthus Florist (deanthus.com) do not compromise on quality, we provide elegant and beautiful flower stand arrangement and insists to use iron stand for grand opening flower stand and funeral wreath stand arrangement. Here’s the reason why?...

Durable and Stable

In term of durability, the iron stand offers more firm & stable structure than paper box stand. The attribute of iron stand able to provide a heavy, steady and well-balanced platform for flower arrangement, in the other hand, although paper box stand is much lighter, it can't effectively perform like a stable supporting flower arrangement platform.

Water Proof Surface

Iron stand provide waterproof surface, it won’t destruct by water easily like paper box stand.

Various Stylish and Modern Designs

From 1 tier to 4 tiers arrangement, various stylish touch-up and modern decoration can be applying on iron stand. This means you have more options and choices to match with different styles and color theme of the arrangement.

Flower Arrangement Firmly Attached On The Iron Stand

The iron stand featured with a dedicated flower container holder, flower arrangement manages to fit securely on top of the iron stand. Unfortunately, the design constraint of the paper box stand type cause it no way to hold the flower arrangement firmly, with no other choices, flower arrangement just placed on top of the paper stand without any holder fitting, this means the flower will easily be separated or fall down from the paper box stand.

Value of Money

Although the production cost of Iron stand is much higher than paper box stand type, we never compromise on the quality, we will still insist on it and assure customers value of money is our first priority.

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