About Us

De Anthus Florist™, a local Malaysia Florist was established in Subang Jaya year 1998.

At De Anthus, we arrange flowers with passion! With our delicate craftsmanship, we put all our creativity and effort into designing every single floral gift to suit your needs.
When words are not enough to express how much your care and love. let De Anthus flower bouquet be your message. Speak the language of love with our elegant flower arrangements for your loved ones.
With our same day delivery service throughout KL and PJ, sending flowers has become more fun, easy and hassle-free. Whatever the occasion throughout life, sending a heart-touching flower bouquet from De Anthus is always your best choice.
Pink rose hand bouquet by De Anthus Florist

De Anthus花店,成立于1998年,一家位于Subang Jaya的马来西亚吉隆坡花店。在De Anthus我们以热诚创作花束,凭精巧的手艺,我们将所有的创造力与心思,都放在每一件花卉礼品设计上,以满足各场合的需求。以花代言,动人心弦,当千言万语仍不足表达你的关怀与爱意时,让De Anthus花束成为你的信息并说出爱的话语。De Anthus为您提供各款优雅华丽的花卉礼品,配合我们于KL和PJ雪隆区的送花服务,网上订花送花,显得更轻松无虑。无论任何场合,选择De Anthus这家KL花店,为您送出动人的鲜花花束,始终是您最佳的选择。